10 Simple WordPress Security Tips to Follow in 2018

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In today’s times WordPress is easily the most popular content management system, it accounts for nearly 40% of all the websites in this world. Not to long ago, WordPress was a victim of multiple hacks like the pub2srv hack, wp-vcd backdoor hack, spam search results hack are some of the most prominent, devastating malwares.

Since WordPress caters to millions of users every day and it’s so easy to setup a wordpress website, maintaining the security of your WordPress website is a top priority. So following is the list of the fundamental WordPress Security Tips:

1. Delete /readme.html file
2. Hide /wp-includes from .htacess
3. Change ‘admin’ as username
4. Use strong password (numbers, special characters, words)
5. Use 644 file permission
6. Have weekly backup schedule
7. Use latest version of PHP
8. Use latest WP version
9. Update plugins
10.Ensure themes are updates

For immediate help: https://www.getastra.com/website-cleanup-malware-removal
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