AEM 6.3 Training Tutorial For Beginners | AEM 6.3 Online Training Session 2

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This AEM 6.3 tutorial takes you through concepts of Adobe Tool. This tutorial is ideal for beginners to get started with Adobe AEM.

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Course : Adobe 6.3 Online Training
Mode of Training : Online
Duration : 30 Hours
Timings : Flexible

Adobe AEM 6.3 Training –

AEM 6.3 Training Requirements:
A minimum 2+ years of experience in web development including hands on experience with CSS, HTML, DHTM and Javascript.

AEM 6.3 Training Course Objectives:
Goal of this training is enable developers to understand AEM fundamentals
Hands on experience on adding content and publishing pages
Understand about AEM out of box components
Understand how to use AEM out of components
Understand and administering various modules in AEM
Utilizing workflows
Exploring the marketing aspects of AEM

Who needs this course?
IT Developers
IT Managers
Business Analysts

Adobe AEM Training Curriculum

• Architecture-JCR,Sling,OSGI
• Stutcure of Crx-quickstart, Repository Structure
• Sling resolution, Creating website,Enabling Sidekick
• Inheritance,AssociatingDesign,Script structure
• TopNavigation, Creation of Dialog, title
• Design Dialog,Logo, Image,Html5SmartImage
• Working with library-Breadcrumb,Parsys,Iparsys,
• ClientLibs, Search, Internationalisation
• Sigthly – Creation of site,components,Java,Js helpers
• Workflows
• Setting Up a Maven Project, Understanding AEM plugins
• OSGI Bundles,…
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