Gcash to Coins.ph: How to Send Money from Gcash to Coins.ph (Fast) 2018

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Gcash to Coins.ph: How to Send Money from Gcash to Coins.ph (Fast) 2018

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And then send. So, once everything is successful, you will receive a text message from 2882 or Gcash and Coins.ph that the process has been successfully completed and the money has been successfully transferred to your Coins.ph account.

Hey guys, my name is Dennis and welcome to another video. Today, I will be teaching you how to transfer money from Gcash the Coins.ph. So, if you’re new here, make sure to subscribe so you’re not new and click the bell icon to receive a notification when I have a new tutorial that might benefit you, okay.

So first, what we are going to do is we are going to transfer this money, the 2,000 pesos to my coins.ph account. So first is you need to click on cash in and then choose Gcash. Here, globe Gcash via dragonpay. It is an instant payment so you don’t need to wait for any time. So, just click that and then click on next step. So, we are going to transfer 2500 pesos. Just type in the amount on the space provided and then click on next step. You can see there the coins.ph fee which is 25 pesos. So, the total amount that will be deducted is 2525 pesos.

Please remember that there is also a 10 pesos service fee, charged by Dragonpay to your Gcash account.

So the total amount will be 2,535 pesos. You need to make sure that you have that amount on your Gcash account so that the process will be seamless. Let’s go back to coins.ph and Just click on next step.

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