How To Set Up Your Analytics And Retargeting Using Google Tag Manager | V12

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Use of Analytics and Retargeting directly translates into more growth & revenue for your business. Learn how to set it all up using Google Tag Manager.

In this step by step tutorial, we’re going to cover a lot of ground…

taking you from perhaps not even knowing what analytics, tracking, pixels, and retargeting is…

…to getting you totally set up to grow your business exponentially and get your message out to those that are interested in hearing it…

…and would benefit the most from it.

We’ll discuss what the following terms mean…

Regargeting/ Remarketing
Google Tag Manager
Google Analytics
Google Search Console
Google Adwords

… and how to use them all to your advantage and set them up for yourself (without any technical skills being required), using Google Tag Manager.

Together we’ll
– Set up Google Tag Manager and show you how to use it
– Create a Google Analytics account and learn how it can help you make money (by improving visitor and robot experience)
– Set up your Google Search Console account to alert you to any issues you may have on your website, so you can correct them
– Submit your Sitemap to Google, to make it easy for Google to help you get your message out there
– Create an Adwords account so you can advertise if you want and remarket to (get back in front of) those that came to your website (or YouTube Channel), but left for some reason
– Create and install your Facebook Pixel on your website, so you can create a retargeting list that you can advertise to on…
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