Managing and Editing Databases in Wix – Wix Code Tutorial 2018

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Managing and editing your databases in Wix can be a bit tricky for someone that has just dabbled into Wix Code. My goal in this video is to help you understand how to manage, edit, delete, add and more to your Wix databases. We discover how to access your live database from your Wix dashboard while also accessing your sandbox database from your Wix HTML Editor making sure the Wix Code tools are on and activated.

We discuss the difference between the live database and the sandbox database. In addition, we discuss how to edit, add and delete information in both the live and sandbox databases.

Altogether, this is a little Wix database crash course.

Also, if you are ever interested, my team does build custom Wix websites and we are Wix Certified as well as Wix Megastar Winner from 2017. We are Wix Code developers that can also build you websites utlizing the newest tools available on the platform. If you are interested, feel free to reach out via email:
Wix Certified Trainer-
Topics Covered:
-Weekly Wix Tips Email List
-Wix My Website New Design
-Wix Code Databases
-Accessing Your Live and Sandbox Wix Databases
-Editing and Deleting Information in Your Wix Database
-Signing Up For Weekly Wix Tips and…
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