Nasim Gholamzadah, Fulbrighter from Afghanistan, International Development Administration Program

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In this video I was talking to Nasim Gholamzadah, a Fulbrighter from Afghanistan that has recently graduated from Western Michigan University. Nasim came to the WMU in 2016 to do his Master’s in International Development Administration. If you have any questions you can leave them in the comments below or contact Nasim directly.

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Questions that we discussed:
0:50 Why you decided to apply for Fulbright and what you are doing before coming to the U.S.?
2:13 Do you remember what you were asked at Fulbright interview?
3:30 What are you planning to do after graduation?
4:36 Fulbright Program in Afghanistan
6:25 What expectations did you have when you were coming here?
9:35 How does it feel to be a Fulbrighter from Afghanistan in the U.S.?
11:11 Did you have a chance to present your home country during your studies in the U.S.? Creating Afghan Student Organisation at WMU.
14:04 What being a Fulbrighter means for you?
15:52 What would you advice people that are applying for Fulbright now?


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