Paypal to Gcash: How to Withdraw PayPal to Gcash (2018)

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Paypal to Gcash: How to Withdraw PayPal to Gcash (2018)

Paypal to GCash is perfect for freelancers and other work-at-home jobs since it cuts down the traditional cash-out periods from banks to just within 24 hours. Here’s a detailed instruction on how to transfer your money from Paypal to GCash.

Step 1: On the dashboard, click ‘Cash-In’ and select ‘PayPal’
Step 2: Select the currency and amount you wish to transfer to GCash
Step 3: Confirm your transaction.

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Withdraw your money from paypal FOR FREE and Instant!!! NO TRANSFER FEE using Globe Gcash. It is free to register Gcash powered by Globe and you can easily connect it to you paypal account within 5 minutes. Transferring money from paypal to Gcash happens instantly within a minute your will receive the money. I will also teach you how to properly register GCASH for you to connect it to your paypal and have no problems.

Note: You must be a verified GCash user before being able to use PayPal to GCash. To do this, visit a Globe Store with a valid gov’t ID and do the Know Your Customer verification. It will just take moments, and it’s free!

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