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Join this Illustrator CC MasterClass & enjoy this special offer 9.99$ on Udemy from this link :

Adobe Illustrator is the smartest & most creative design application you can try.

As you can start from scratch inside Illustrator cc and design Logos, Branding designs , Posters, infographics, illustrations, Typography, Printing & Screen designs including Web design and much more plus it’s so precise & neat.

You will really understand Illustrator & your Creativity will be increased by the end of this course :

Through 10 Modules covering all the Illustrator cc aspects along side with downloadable Artistic exercises you will be Mastering the Illustrator cc in a very Artistic & Creative way along with the Technical side just like a creative professional.

How To Build Your Illustrator Muscles Through this Course :

Through these Modules you will be Advancing gradually in

– Illustrator Fundamentals & Main concepts

( For absolute beginners to illustrator although it has so details that even many advanced level users don’t know i promise)

– Illustrator Effects, Different Graphic Styles & Visuals

– Mastering Illustrator Drawing tools & Techniques including complex illustration technique

– Learn About different illustrator Brushes & create your own custom brushes

– Learn Typography Anatomy & rules then master how to control it in illustrator to create your Typography Artwork

– How to Design With Images in Illustrator & how to Trace them into…
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