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Welcome to PixemWeb on YouTube. I’m Joel Rivera, a Freelance WordPress Developer. This is the Official Trailer for my YouTube Channel where I teach people how to code, how to create WordPress Powered Websites without having to know code and I have tutorials that help you as a Freelance Web Developer & Designer.

I’m a self taught Full Stack Web Developer and I focus on creating highly functional websites with WordPress, Code, themes & plugins.

Learn To Code a WordPress Theme:

Get DevWP – The WordPress Training Theme:

I Learned to Code later in life. Before becoming a coder, my title/job was Council Member Joel Rivera, Majority Leader of the NYC Council where I served for over 12 years. Yes, I was an Elected Official and worked in City Hall. I changed careers and decided to become a Freelancer so I could have greater control of my time and spend my days and nights with my family.

Here’s my story from Suits & Ties to T-Shirts & Jeans:

On my channel I have videos and playlists dedicated to:
WordPress Theme Development
WordPress Tutorials for Begginers
Search Engine Optimization aka SEO
Social Media
Freelancing as a Web Developer
and more…

If you want to learn how to create & code a WordPress Powered Website and how to pick the right WordPress Theme & Plugins, then make sure to subscribe.

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